Instagram Fundraisers: Everything You Need To Know

Get insights into Instagram Fundraisers, a feature that enables influencers to create and promote fundraising campaigns on the platform for charitable causes.

What are Instagram Fundraisers?

Instagram Fundraisers are a feature on the Instagram platform that allows users to raise money for personal causes or nonprofit organizations directly through the app. Users can create a fundraiser by setting up a donation sticker in their stories or adding a donation button to their profile or live videos. The process is designed to be seamless, with Instagram partnering with various payment processors to ensure secure transactions. The funds raised go directly to the chosen cause or organization, with Instagram not taking any cut from the donations.

Examples of Instagram Fundraisers include campaigns for medical expenses, disaster relief efforts, and support for local businesses. Influencers often leverage their large followings to amplify these fundraisers, thereby increasing the potential donation pool.

How do you start a fundraiser on Instagram?

To start a fundraiser on Instagram, you need to have a valid account and follow the platform's guidelines for fundraising. First, tap the '+' icon on your profile or home screen and select 'Fundraiser.' You can then search for and select a nonprofit to support or start a personal fundraiser if eligible. After setting your fundraising goal and duration, you can share your fundraiser with your followers by adding it to your profile, stories, or live videos. Instagram provides tools to track the progress of your fundraiser and thank donors.

For instance, an influencer might start a fundraiser for an environmental cause and use their stories to share updates, engage with donors, and encourage more contributions through interactive features like the donation sticker.

How can influencers effectively promote fundraisers on Instagram?

Influencers can effectively promote fundraisers on Instagram by leveraging their reach and engagement tactics. They should create compelling content that tells a story and resonates with their audience, explaining the importance of the cause. Utilizing Instagram's features such as stories, live videos, and posts with strong calls to action can help maximize visibility. Engaging with followers by answering questions, providing updates, and showing gratitude to donors also fosters a sense of community and encourages more participation.

An example of effective promotion would be an influencer hosting a live Q&A session about the cause they're supporting, using the donation sticker in their stories, and sharing testimonials from individuals or communities that will benefit from the fundraiser.

Dos and Don'ts of Instagram Fundraisers


  • Do create a compelling and transparent story about your cause to engage your audience and build trust.
  • Do use high-quality visuals and videos to capture attention and convey the importance of your fundraiser.
  • Do interact with your donors and supporters by thanking them, answering questions, and providing updates on the fundraiser's progress.


  • Don't set unrealistic goals that may discourage potential donors when they see the target is too far to reach.
  • Don't forget to follow Instagram's policies and guidelines for fundraisers to avoid any potential issues.
  • Don't neglect to share how the funds are being used; transparency is key to maintaining credibility and trust with your audience.

How to Create Instagram Fundraisers

1. Set Up Your Instagram Business Account

To create Instagram fundraisers, you need to have an Instagram business account. If you don't have one, you can easily convert your personal account into a business account by going to your account settings and selecting "Switch to Business Account".

2. Connect Your Instagram Account to a Nonprofit

Next, you'll need to connect your Instagram account to a nonprofit organization. Go to your Instagram settings, select "Donation Stickers", and choose a nonprofit from the list of available organizations.

3. Create a Fundraiser Post

Once your account is connected to a nonprofit, you can create a fundraiser post. Simply tap on the "Create" button, select "Fundraiser", and follow the prompts to customize your post with images, text, and donation details.

4. Add Donation Stickers

To make it easy for your followers to donate, add donation stickers to your fundraiser post. These stickers can be placed on your photos or videos, allowing users to tap and donate directly to the nonprofit you're supporting.

5. Promote Your Fundraiser

Spread the word about your fundraiser by promoting it on your Instagram story, sharing it with your followers, and encouraging others to repost and donate. The more people you reach, the greater impact your fundraiser can have.

6. Track Your Fundraiser Progress

Keep track of your fundraiser's progress by checking the insights on your Instagram business account. You can see how much money has been raised, the number of donations, and the overall impact of your fundraiser.

7. Thank Your Supporters

Once your fundraiser is complete, don't forget to thank your supporters. Show your gratitude by posting a thank-you message, sharing the impact of their donations, and expressing your appreciation for their support.

What Are Ideas for Instagram Fundraisers?

1. Virtual Art Auction

Host a virtual art auction on Instagram where artists can showcase their work and users can bid on their favorite pieces. This allows artists to gain exposure and raise funds for a cause they care about.

  • Collaborate with local artists to donate their artwork.
  • Promote the auction through Instagram stories and posts.
  • Set a specific time frame for bidding and announce the winners.
  • Donate the proceeds to a chosen charity or organization.
  • Share the success of the auction and thank participants for their support.

2. Charity Challenge

Create a charity challenge on Instagram where users can participate by completing a specific task or activity. For example, a fitness challenge where participants pledge to do a certain number of push-ups and donate a set amount for each completed rep.

  • Choose a challenge that aligns with the cause you want to support.
  • Create a catchy hashtag to encourage participation and spread awareness.
  • Share your own challenge video and nominate others to join.
  • Track the progress and donations using the hashtag.
  • Thank participants for their contributions and highlight the impact made.

3. Product Collaboration

Partner with a brand or influencer on Instagram to create a special edition product or collection where a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a charitable cause. This allows followers to support the cause while getting a unique product.

  • Identify a brand or influencer that shares similar values and target audience.
  • Design a product or collection that represents the cause and appeals to followers.
  • Promote the collaboration through Instagram posts, stories, and giveaways.
  • Specify the percentage or amount of proceeds that will be donated.
  • Share updates on the impact of the collaboration and express gratitude to supporters.

4. Donation Sticker

Utilize Instagram's donation sticker feature to encourage followers to donate directly to a chosen charity or organization. This allows for a seamless and convenient way for users to contribute to a cause they care about.

  • Select a charity or organization that aligns with your cause.
  • Add the donation sticker to your Instagram stories or posts.
  • Provide information about the cause and why it is important to you.
  • Encourage followers to donate and share the sticker with their own followers.
  • Regularly update your audience on the progress and impact of the donations.

5. Fundraising Livestream

Host a live stream on Instagram where you can engage with your followers while raising funds for a specific cause. This can include Q&A sessions, performances, or interactive challenges.

  • Promote the fundraising livestream in advance through Instagram posts and stories.
  • Plan engaging content that encourages audience participation and donations.
  • Include a call-to-action for viewers to donate during the livestream.
  • Interact with viewers by answering questions or acknowledging their contributions.
  • Thank your audience for their support and share the total amount raised.