IG Stories Poll: Everything You Need To Know

Engage with your audience using IG Stories Polls, interactive stickers that let you gather opinions and preferences directly from your followers.

What is an Instagram Stories Poll?

An Instagram Stories Poll is an interactive feature that allows users to pose questions and gather feedback from their followers directly within their Instagram Story. This feature is particularly useful for influencers and brands looking to engage with their audience and gain insights into their preferences. By creating a poll, users can ask a question and provide two response options. Followers can then tap on their choice, and the poll results are updated in real time for the duration of the story, which is 24 hours.

For example, a fashion influencer might use a poll to ask followers which outfit they prefer, or a food blogger might inquire about their audience's favorite cuisine. This feature not only boosts interaction but also provides valuable data that can inform content creation and marketing strategies.

How do you create a poll in Instagram Stories?

To create a poll in Instagram Stories, first, capture or upload content to your story. Then, tap the sticker icon at the top of the screen and select the 'Poll' sticker. Enter your question and customize the two response options. Once the poll is live, followers can start voting, and you can track the results in real time. After 24 hours, the poll will expire along with the story, but you can access the final results in your archive.

For instance, after posting a story with a poll, you might notice a significant preference for one option over another. This feedback can be used to tailor future content to your audience's tastes or to make decisions about products or services you offer.

Why are Instagram Stories Polls important for influencers?

Instagram Stories Polls are important for influencers because they offer a direct line of communication with their audience, allowing for real-time engagement and feedback. Polls can help influencers understand their followers' preferences, which can guide content creation and enhance their influence. Additionally, the interactive nature of polls can increase story views and the time followers spend on their content, which is beneficial for maintaining a high level of engagement on the platform.

An influencer might use poll results to decide on the topic of their next blog post or to gauge interest in a potential product launch. By actively involving their audience in these decisions, influencers can foster a sense of community and loyalty, which is crucial for long-term success on social media.

Dos and Don'ts of IG Stories Polls


  • Do engage your audience with creative and relevant poll questions to encourage participation and interaction.
  • Do analyze the results of your polls to gain insights into your audience's preferences and tailor your content accordingly.
  • Do use polls to conduct market research or get feedback on new ideas, products, or services in a fun and interactive way.


  • Don't overuse polls to the point where your audience feels bombarded or spammed with too many questions.
  • Don't ask personal or sensitive questions that might make your audience uncomfortable or hesitant to participate.
  • Don't ignore the results and feedback from your polls; failing to acknowledge or act on your audience's input can lead to disengagement.

How to Use Instagram Stories Poll

1. Accessing the Poll Feature

Instagram Stories Poll is a feature that allows you to create interactive polls in your Instagram Stories. To access this feature, open the Instagram app and swipe right to access the Stories camera.

2. Adding the Poll Sticker

Once you are in the Stories camera, take a photo or video, or choose one from your camera roll. Then, tap on the sticker icon at the top of the screen and select the "Poll" sticker from the options.

3. Customizing the Poll

After adding the Poll sticker, you can customize the question and the two response options. Simply tap on the text to edit it and type in your desired question and response options.

4. Adjusting the Poll Duration

By default, the Poll sticker stays active for 24 hours. However, you can adjust the duration by tapping on the sticker and selecting the clock icon. From there, you can choose a shorter or longer duration for your poll.

5. Viewing Poll Results

Once your poll is live, you can view the results by swiping up on your story. This will show you the number of votes for each response option, as well as the usernames of the voters.

6. Engaging with Poll Participants

To engage with the participants of your poll, you can swipe up on your story and send direct messages to individuals who voted. This allows you to have conversations and gather feedback based on the poll results.

7. Analyzing Poll Insights

After your poll has ended, you can access the insights by swiping up on your story and tapping on the "Poll" sticker. This will provide you with detailed analytics, including the total number of votes, the percentage of votes for each option, and more.

What Are Ideas for Instagram Stories Polls?

1. Engage Your Audience with Fun Polls

Instagram Stories Polls are a great way to interact with your audience and gather their opinions. You can ask questions related to your content or simply create fun polls to entertain your followers. Some ideas for polls include asking about their favorite products, preferences, or even their thoughts on current trends.

  • What is your favorite color?
  • Do you prefer coffee or tea?
  • Which movie genre do you enjoy the most?
  • Are you a morning person or a night owl?
  • What is your go-to dessert?

2. Get Feedback on New Ideas or Products

If you're looking for feedback on a new idea or product, Instagram Stories Polls can be a valuable tool. You can ask your audience for their opinions, preferences, or suggestions. This not only helps you gather valuable insights but also makes your audience feel involved and valued.

  • Which logo design do you prefer?
  • Would you be interested in a new product line?
  • What features would you like to see in our upcoming release?
  • Do you prefer our current packaging or a new design?
  • Which color scheme do you find more appealing?

3. Educate Your Audience with Quiz Polls

Instagram Stories Polls can also be used to educate your audience through quiz-style polls. You can ask questions related to your niche or industry and provide multiple-choice options for your audience to choose from. This not only engages your audience but also helps them learn something new.

  • Which country is known for its tulips? (a) Netherlands (b) France (c) Italy
  • What is the chemical symbol for gold? (a) Au (b) Ag (c) Fe
  • Who painted the Mona Lisa? (a) Leonardo da Vinci (b) Vincent van Gogh (c) Pablo Picasso
  • Which planet is known as the Red Planet? (a) Mars (b) Venus (c) Jupiter
  • What is the capital of Australia? (a) Canberra (b) Sydney (c) Melbourne

4. Showcase Behind-the-Scenes Content

Instagram Stories Polls can be a creative way to showcase behind-the-scenes content to your audience. You can ask them to vote on which aspect of your work they would like to see or involve them in decision-making processes. This not only adds a personal touch to your content but also makes your audience feel connected to your brand.

  • Which product should we feature in our next behind-the-scenes video?
  • Which location should we choose for our next photoshoot?
  • Should we introduce a new segment in our vlogs? (a) Yes (b) No
  • Which team member would you like to see in our next Q&A session?
  • What topic should we cover in our next blog post?

5. Collaborate with Your Audience

Instagram Stories Polls can be a great way to collaborate with your audience and involve them in your content creation process. You can ask for their input on collaborations, guest features, or even content ideas. This not only strengthens your relationship with your audience but also allows them to feel like an active part of your community.

  • Which influencer would you like to see us collaborate with?
  • Who should be our next guest on the podcast?
  • What type of content would you like us to create next?
  • Which topic should we discuss in our next live Q&A session?
  • Should we host a giveaway? (a) Yes (b) No