Good Vibes Captions For Instagram: 75+ Ideas You Can Quote

Good vibes captions on Instagram to show the world your positive attitude and outlook. We all could use more positivity in our lives, especially on social media.

Here are 75+ good vibes quotes you can use as Instagram captions to show the world your positive attitude and positive mind set.

It's a cliche, but you will start living your best life by spreading good vibes everywhere that you can.

Creating your own sunshine and being a positive person when life throws lemons your way is a superpower. Successful social media influencers don't waste time being a negative nothing.

Let's take your positive vibes quotes game to the next level on Instagram.

What Are Good Vibes Captions for Instagram?

Good vibe quotes, phrases, or sentences are always great for Instagram captions where you need to inspire or help people aspire. Good vibes capture the feeling of positivity. The best good vibes captions resonate with positive people immediately, and the right message may help other people switch their negative mind set over to a good mood.

Famous Good vibes quotes can be used to set the tone for an Instagram feed, caption a photo, or simply make someone smile, and get a sense of their own potential for positive vibes.

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear."

-Buddy the Elf,

What Is a Positive Vibe Caption?

A vibe caption is a short phrase or sentence that encapsulates the feeling or overall theme of a photo or post. They can be used to set the tone for an Instagram feed, capture a moment, or simply add some personality to your next Instagram photo. 

1. Positive Life

2. Positive Energy

3. Positive Vibes

Best Short Good Vibes Quotes for Instagram

Short vibe quotes for Instagram are great for captions. They deliver the good vibes and quickly let everyone know this is a place for positivity. You can also use two or one word Instagram captions to quickly get the point across.

Short captions are always great for good vibes because:

  • They can be funny
  • They can show off your personality
  • They can be relatable
  • People will read them!

Here are some examples of good vibes Instagram captions that you can use the next time you post:

1. Sunshine

2. Fun & Sun

3. Smile

4. Good vibes

5. Laugh

6. Friends

7. Love vibes

8. Positive mindset

9. Rest and relaxation

10. Positive energy

11. Finally Friday

12. Feel happy

13. Living life

14. Selfie Sunday

15. Monday motivation

16. New life

17. Fresh start

18. Weekly Wisdom

19. Thankful Thursday

20. Friday feeling

21. Positive life

22. Grateful heart

23. Beautiful day

24. Good feelings

25. Positive vibes

Positive Quotes for Good Instagram Vibes

1. Good vibes only

2. Vibe check

3. All the good vibes

4. On my own wavelength

5. Spread good vibes

6. Life is too short to vibrate on a low frequency

7. Let the good vibes flow

8. Choose good vibes

9. May all your vibes be good vibes

10. Positive thoughts, positive results

11. Spread positivity only

12. Let your light shine

13. Vibrate the world with your greatness

14. Good vibes attract good vibes

15. Change your thoughts, change your life

16. A beautiful mindset makes your soul happy

17. Stay strong, stay positive

18. Think positive, be positive

19. A happy life is a healthy life

20. Every day is a new opportunity to change your life

21. The sky is the limit

22. Do what makes you happy

23. Follow your dreams

24. Inspire good vibes

25. Don't worry, be happy

26. Bad vibes are a choice

27. Keep your head up

28. Stay positive

29. Things happen for a reason

30. Everything happens for a reason

31. What goes around comes around

32. Good things come to those who wait

33. Positive vibes for everyone

34. Trust the process

35. The universe is conspiring in your favor

36. The best is yet to come

37. Stay tuned for good things

38. Something great is coming your way

39. Better things are coming

40. Keep your chin up

41. The sun will rise again tomorrow

42. Every day is a new beginning

43. It's always sunny somewhere

44. Focus on having an awesome today

45. Don't let anyone or anything bring you down

46. You are in control of your own happiness

47. Choose to be happy today

48. Create your own happiness

49. Find your happiness

50. Happiness comes from within

Instagram Captions Spread Positivity

"No bad vibes here. Good vibes only!"

Good vibes captions for Instagram are meant to inspire positivity. We hope they give you good ideas for good vibes captions, but if you are in a pinch you can use them as quote captions for your IG stories and photos. Get the right kind of followers that will lift you up.

Creating your own happiness is the best way to spread smiles today. 

Good vibes all around! Especially in your Instagram captions.

Positive vibes Instagram caption ideasGood vibe captions for InstagramNo toxic energy here, only good vibesIt's a beautiful day vibe